Generate Unique Images for your WordPress Content with

AI Technology!

Let AI analyze your content and generate images that match your content! DALL-E, Stable-Diffusion, and more. No more searching for the best image for your content, generate images with AI Postpix!

Supported Awesome AI Models

No More Searching for Unique Images for Your Posts!

Don't Know How to Write Prompts?

No Problem!

Break creative barriers with AI Postpix's 'Find Prompt' feature. You no longer need to be an expert prompt writer to create flawless and unique visuals with AI. Simply click the 'Find My Prompt' button and let AI Postpix analyse your content and find the most optimal prompt.

Customization Options

Choose which AI model you want to generate your images with, how many you want to generate and the styles you want, and generate them with one click!

Do what you want with one click!

Save any of the images you generate in your library or on your PC, add them into your content or set them as featured images - with one click!

Happy Users

The point of using dummy text for your paragraph is that it has a more-or-less normal distribution of letters. making it look like readable English.

How to generate unique images with AI Postpix?

01. Enter your API key

From the AI Postpix settings page, enter your API keys from OpenAI or EdenAI and save the settings.

06. Generate images!

Then click "Create Image" and do any of the "Add your post", "Set as Featured Images", "Save your Library", "Save to PC" features.

05. Select Features

Select how many images you want to generate and choose which styles you want to generate your images in.

02. Complete your blog post

When you have completed your blog post, select any engine of your choice in the "Generate Image with:" field on the right side of the Ai Postpix area.

03. Find Your Prompt

To find the most suitable prompt for your blog post, click on the "Find Prompt" button.

04. Optional: Improve Your Prompt

With the "Improve My Prompt" button, one of the features of the Pro version, 5 improved versions of your existing prompt are created and you can choose the one you want and use it.

Frequently Asked Questions

The point of using dummy text for your paragraph is that it has a more-or-less normal distribution of letters. making it look like readable English.

Is the AI Postpix plugin free?

The core features of our plugin are 100% free. If you have OpenAI or EdenAI API keys, you can use it for free. But to use the ‘Improve My Prompt’ and ‘Image Styles’ section, you must upgrade to the Pro version.

Do I need an API Key?

Yes, you must have an OpenAI or EdenAI account or both of them, if you do not have an account, you must generate one. Explained how to get an API key in the admin panel of the plugin.

How does the ‘Find Prompt’ feature work?

‘Find Prompt’ analyzes the content of your post and automatically generates a suggested prompt that you can use to generate images related to your post’s theme.

Can I write my own prompt?

Yes, you can write. You don’t have to use the ‘Find Prompt’ function. You can also generate images with your own prompt.

How can I generate an image?

Creating the image is actually very simple. All the necessary instructions are explained for you step by step in the right area of the plugin’s admin panel.

I’m getting errors when testing my API keys. How can I fix it?

Make sure that your API key is not missing or incorrect. If there is no problem with OpenAI API and EdenAI API services and your error still persists, please contact us.

How can I hide the AI Postpix meta box at any time?

Yes, you can hide it at any time by clicking on the up arrow icon in the right corner of the meta box.